Vinyl wrapping doesn’t just have to change the whole appearance of the vehicle, it can be used in subtle ways such as a de-chrome where the metal looking parts of the car are blacked out with gloss or matte black vinyl


Using vinyl decals and car stickers to place corporate branding on your vehicle is one of the most effective ways to market your local company and brand. New agencies now offer ££ for drivers to apply stickers to their own vehicles as part of car advertising campaigns.

Colour Change

A full colour change vinyl wrap for your car is the most cost effective way of customising and protecting your vehicle. Vehicle wraps can be installed inside 3 days and removed far quicker, whilst keeping the paint below in the exact condition it was in prior to a wrap.

Car Paint Protection

A full colour change vinyl wrap for your car is the most cost effective way of customising and protecting your vehicle. Vehicle wraps can be installed inside 3 days and removed far quicker, whilst keeping the paint below in the exact condition it was in prior to a wrap.

Company Fleet Wraps

Fleet wrapping can easily be one of the biggest marketing expenses that large companies may encounter. When considering wrapping fleet vehicles, it is essential to do your research and build a relationship with a company that can provide long term commitment and service.

Van Signwriting

There are many studies that suggest branding your company vehicle can increase your exposure in your local area and deliver 1000’s of views on a monthly basis. It’s affordable and reversible using world class vinyl wraps.

Car Advertising

Unlike signwriting, advertising with car wraps can be carried out without the need for direct branding and wording. Styling, colour and wrap layouts can be used to create a highly unique look to advertise a brand, without the need to plaster phone # and email addresses all over it. Vehicle owners can now earn Cash by driving with advertising on their cars.

Motorcycle Wrapping

Motorbikes are just as customisable as cars, with many owners now looking for motorbike wraps to improve the style of their bikes. PPF is also available as paint protection kits and this provides motorcyclists even more options for protecting their motorbikes.

Roll Bars

We supply and fit full Face Bullbars, Nudge Bars, Rollbars, Side Steps and Tow bars for almost all vehicles in the market the most common being the VW Amarok, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Isuzu KB and the Nissan Navara. Bars can be ordered in either black or stainless steel/chrome. You can order a  bars depending on your requirements for example whether the purpose is for increasing the aesthetic value of a vehicle or protection of the vehicle.


Car Colour Wraps Styling Automotive provides a comprehensive detailing service which can breathe new life into your car. What sets this apart from a routine detail is the extent of work done and the attention your car is given by our team. We can change your car that you begin to love and spend time in it. We love cars, we love to make them beautiful and mean. Its time we work on your vehicle. Its time we beautify your vehicle!

Ready For Sale

Have a car for sale? Be sure to send it down to Styling Automotive first. We’ll repair all the things a new buyer would be looking to haggle you down on: gutter rash, stone chips and trolley dints. We’ll also detail it, provide you with a roadworthy certificate and ad photos to ensure you have the best chance of getting top dollar for your car. We just know how to make vehicle nice

Car Birthday

When’s the last time you treated your car to a birthday present? If your car has a combination of stone chips, gutter rash, dints, upholstery wear or a chip in the windscreen – Then this is the service for you. We repair all these issues and more in our comprehensive “Birthday” package.

Race Car Services

Are you an avid race car enthusiast looking for a shop that will keep you on the tarmac season to season? Look no further than Car Colour Wraps Styling Automotive. If you need repairs, a custom roll cage, new aero, decals or a new coat of paint for the season – then give us a call today.

Complete Restoration

Whether you’ve got an older vehicle that’s become a sentimental favourite of yours, or a vintage classic that needs to be brought back to its prime, our car restoration services can help you breathe new life into your vehicle. We provide the complete package: body, paint, interior and mechanical.

Custom vinyl signage Sandton, South Africa

Hang with us for a minute as we get through the basics. While not a new industry, wrapping is still not widely known. It’s obvious that Vinyl wrapping can completely change the look and feel of your car but it also protects the paintwork, essentially sealing it from the elements. Change your mind about the color? Want to sell the vehicle? Simply remove the vinyl and the original paintwork is unmarked and preserved. And it’s not just for new cars either. If you’ve found a used vehicle that is perfect in every aspect except the color then we can fix that as long as the paintwork is free of any major imperfections.

Benefits of vinyl wrapping

Sport a custom look

 Ensure your car is the only one on the road with your particular look anywhere in Australia.

Refresh appearance

 You can make an old car look new again when you use our customisation service. We can add tints or lighten windows, improve wheels and re-spray badges. We know how important your style is to you, so we take care with the details.

Protect what you have

 Vinyl wraps also act as protective armour for the paint underneath, meaning your vehicles retain value longer.

How does it all work?

Curious about the vinyl wrap customisation process? It looks like this:

You select your vehicle signage or car wrap in the design stage. Once our team has finished the design, you have the chance to review and make adjustments before it’s brought to life on your car.

A full car wrap requires us to take your car apart so all areas can be reached to create a paint-like finish. Don’t worry, this is a meticulous process handled by our trained professionals. We are an accredited supplier for all vinyl manufacturers – you can trust our workmanship and installation.


LLumar® Platinum Paint Protection Film is your ultimate defense against damage. It’s a highly advanced, virtually invisible layer that improves the performance of your automotive paint, making it less vulnerable to rocks, road debris and sand. A ten-year warranty and self-healing surface elevate LLumar® Platinum Series performance to superior levels. Superior stain resistance and enhanced durability are key features of LLumar’s industry leading clear coat with HydroGard ™ technology. This innovative hydrophobic polymer coating works by preventing water and dirt from embedding into the surface of the film, helping cars look cleaner for longer. Whether you’re a perfectionist or just love what you drive, this best-in-class protection is good for your car and your confidence.

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

“The partnership we’ve built with Car Colour Wraps over the last 6 months have been fantastic… they’ve certainly showed my they can handle a fleet of this size, they can be responsive, make it good, make it last, yeah they absolutely know what they’re doing.”
John Doe
CEO, Acme Inc.

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