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No matter if it’s your personal car or commercial car you want to be wrapped, the Car Colour Wraps  Auto Styling Team is here ready to deliver the trustworthy works to you. We are experts in our field, and our fully qualified, experienced technicians are here to apply your ideal vinyl wraps or bespoke, eye-catching vehicle graphics. We offer large range of premium vehicle wrap products from globally trusted manufacturers including Avery Dennison, Hexis, 3M, Oracal, Arlon, Sunteck, KPMF, Steck and many more. With a ultimate range of colours and finishes, including textures and chrome films, you can always find the way you love. We also offer the clear paint protection film (PPF), which is the best paint protection you can offer to your beloved vehicles.

How can we help you?

We regularly create fantastic content and resources around the car wrapping industry and the vinyl film industry as a whole. Our blog is a great place to understand what is involved with wraps, what to look out for and avoid and how even you can become a part of growing vehicle customisation community.

Change Your Style

Using automotive vinyl film you can transform the look of your car, van or any vehicle with paint, by changing the colour or finish. Go from any colour to something new or even go for a matte, satin or chrome finish.

Protect Paintwork

Applying a high quality vinyl wrap to your vehicle will protect the paint and keep it as good as new for the life of the film. This is often many years and a well applied wrap to a new car can be considered an investment.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

You will often see part car wraps used on the roof, bonnet and wing mirrors of vehicles as a way of breaking up the solid colours which can visually alter the perceived shape of the car. For example lowering or lifting it.

Part wrapping

Similar to a partial wrap but focusing on other components such as brake calipers, spoilers and diffusers, colour and material changes can bring a new style to the car without expensive painting costs.

Fully reversible

Don’t like the wrap anymore or need to sell it back at its original colour? An amazing advantage of using vinyl wrap films is they can be removed, revealing the paintwork in the same condition as it was before it was wrapped, ready to be vinyl wrapped again!

Advertising & marketing

Using vinyl decals and car stickers to place corporate branding on your vehicle is one of the most effective ways to market your local company and brand. New agencies now offer ££ for drivers to apply stickers to their own vehicles as part of car advertising campaigns.

Matte Full Vinyl Wraps

Matte wraps are now one of the most popular full car wraps, transforming a vehicle into something completely different. We are all used to seeing gloss paint finishes that come on cars as standard, so the moment we see a matte finish, we all naturally think it is a car customisation. This certainly comes with some status. A matte finish is often popular in dark colours such as black and greys, giving a meaner and more aggressive style to the car.

Gloss Automotive Wrapping

Gloss vinyl wrap materials are just like a new paint job and can be treated the same whilst protecting the paintwork beneath. Changing the colour of a vehicle can be the difference between the owner liking it or loving it. Some of us buy cars based on colour alone, sounds crazy but it happens, and some of us wouldn’t buy a car we want due to it’s colour. Colour is important to us, so being able to change it quickly and at a fraction of the cost of a respray, is a huge positive to the automotive market and the car customisation industry.

Metallic Vinyl Wraps

Metallic materials are considered high-end in the same way a metallic paint respray would be an expensive option. The finish of the material is just like paint, similar to gloss wraps above, although they reflect the light in a slightly different way using flecks within the finish. Metallic wrapped cars look a step up from a standard gloss finish.

Satin Vinyl Wraps

Satin vinyl is a fantastic finish, often considered to be a slightly smarter version of a matte wrap. The reason is looks smarter and a little less mean, is simple the way it allow greater highlighting of the shape of the car. Think halfway between gloss and matte materials. A satin car wrap would allow a high end vehicle to get a completely new style without going the extreme of a matte finish.

Chrome Car Vinyl

Chrome is one of the most expensive car wraps you could get, not only because the material costs are high but because the skill level and time required to apply to a vehicle is that much higher than other wrap types. This is certainly reflected (excuse the pun) in the costs you will get with our price calculator and/or quotes from our leading car wrappers. Chrome is almost certainly a status symbol and the costs often lead to only seeing it on high end vehicles.

Matte Metallic Vehicle Wraps

Matte metallic is one of the highlights of the car wrapping industry, a real show stopper and a finish that will turn heads no matter what vehicle it is applied to. It is an expensive option but one many high end vehicle owners are starting to choose and we can see why. The colour ranges are currently limited but potentially the best colours have been created already, so why wait?.


Firstly, getting a car wrap would make you an ‘early adopter’ of the technology, even though it has been around quite some time. Car Wrapping is yet to go mainstream, with knowledge and costs still preventing many vehicle owners making the customisation change, so you can lead from the front and stand out on the roads. We have outlined some of the main benefits of vehicle wrapping

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

"Car Colour Wraps wrapped our company car and we are absolutely thrilled with the result. They communicated brilliantly throughout and did everything we asked of them. We couldn't have asked for a better car wrap. So much so that we've signed up to their great customer referral scheme which is full of benefits and potential income sources. Our company finances are really raising a mint by getting involved with this great new customisation market. Not only this but we have peace of mind that our customers cars are in the best of hands - they even issue a 3 year warranty certificate. Just brilliant if you ask me, and definitely the best car wrap service in the Sandton."
John Doe
CEO, Acme Inc.

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 You can make an old car look new again when you use our customisation service. We can add tints or lighten windows, improve wheels and re-spray badges. We know how important your style is to you, so we take care with the details.