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The Vinyl Wrap Co. Job Flow

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The Vinyl Wrap Co. Job Flow


The first stage in the process when you engage our services is we allocate you a dedicated account manager. They will remain your point of contact throughout the whole process and be available to assist with any queries along the way. They will discuss your requirements, the scope of your project and discuss recommendations on how to best achieve the result you are after within your budget. They will ask you a number of questions to put together a brief for our design team, meaning you don’t have to stress about leaving out important information.


Once we have put together the project brief during the consultation step we will engage our design team to produce some design concepts. At this stage if you have your own artwork we will discuss how this can be best applied and recommend any alterations that may improve the outcome you are looking for. Once we have provided you with some concepts we will seek your feedback and liaise with you to finalise the design you are happy with.


We then come to the approval stage where by we ask you to check all elements of the design, ensuring they meet any corporate branding requirements and ensuring there are no corrections to be made. If any alterations need to be made we prepare them and proceed. We ask you to approve the final artwork via email and proceed to production.


Once in production we use the vinyl best suited to your requirements to begin. If your job involves digital print we use out eco-certified printers to produce your vinyl wrap. You can rest assured that whether it is a vehicle wrap or a wall wrap for your child’s wall our inks and procedures are free of harsh solvent inks and safe. We use the latest industry leading techniques to produce your vinyl wrap including laminating and computer cutting as required.


Once the vinyl is produced our qualified installers finish the process. Ensuring every care is taken to provide you with the highest quality finish and a vinyl wrap that meets your brief. We have access to modern equipment and facilities that means there is no better when it comes to installing your wrap. Our installers hold all required qualifications for onsite signage installations including machine operation and use of elevated access equipment. Sometimes the difference between a wrap that looks great and lasts the duration it is designed for or something that provides a less than desirable result is in the installation. That’s why we back our installers and provide a guarantee tailored for your specific job.

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

Every step from the design process to the workmanship I have been impressed. My business has directly benefited from having our wrap look so nice! My first day out I met a new customer outside an existing customers house and sold a complete HVAC system!
John Doe
CEO, Acme Inc.

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Unlike signwriting, advertising with car wraps can be carried out without the need for direct branding and wording. Styling, colour and wrap layouts can be used to create a highly unique look to advertise a brand, without the need to plaster phone # and email addresses all over it. Vehicle owners can now earn ££ by driving with advertising on their cars.